Scheffers offers two models of Drain Line Anchors:

  1. Model H
    With its Patent-Pending innovative design for home use. Our Model H fits on any standard commode with an upper rim width 1 3/4 inches or less. Our anchors are known for their ease of use and are constructed of a medical grade stainless steel that retains its shape. This all provides for a product that will last for years to come.

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  2. Model - S
    Patent-Pending and innovatively designed for use on dirty sinks. Our Model S is also designed for ease of use and is constructed of a medical grade stainless steel that will retain its shape. Specifically created for Clinics, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and anywhere there is a dirty sink

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Testimoney from Our Customers:

Thomas C. of Buffalo, NY. My wife sleepwalks. It is comforting in knowing that she will not accidently pull my drain line from the toilet. Thank you for such a outstanding product…

Melisa T. from Alameda, Ca. I bought a drain line anchor for my mother-in-law and my husband said it’s the best thing we could have done, Now his father does not worry about an accident occuring…
Cindy M from Arlington Va. With pets and grandchildren in the home. I can now sleep at night, knowing that I will not wake up to a mess.
Thank you for making such a wonderful product…

Jason S. from Mobile Al. After replacing all the cabinetry and subfloor in my bathroom, I decided to purchase one of your Model H drain line anchors and was amazed of the quality of this product. Unlike the plastic ones that gives a false sense of security…